Pirelli Tyre 265/40ZR18 (97Y) ZEROa

Pirelli Tyre 265/40ZR18 (97Y) ZERO ASIMMETRICO

SKU: 2593500

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Tyre Size: 265/40R18

Style: P Zero

KG: 97

Speed: Y

Curbing Rib: Yes

Pattern: P ZERO ASIM


Staggered: [R] 265/40R18 | [F] 225/40R18

Subtotal: $585.00

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Why Tyre Bay is Your Best Choice

We are a Pirelli-certified supplier, guaranteeing you receive only genuine Pirelli tyres. As one of the world’s leading brands, Pirelli produces tyres built to meet stringent Australian standards.
Pirelli Tyre 265/40ZR18 (97Y) ZEROa

Pirelli Tyre 265/40ZR18 (97Y) ZERO ASIMMETRICO


Pirelli Tyre 265/40ZR18 (97Y) ZERO ASIMMETRICO


Experience unparalleled performance with the P-Zero tyre, a benchmark in the ultra high-performance sector for over two decades. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this tyre is synonymous with exceptional performance and is highly sought after in the market. It's the preferred choice for original equipment fitments on some of the most prestigious vehicles, including the Ferrari 599 GTB, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, Audi Quattro R8, and Mercedes S-Class AMG.


The P-Zero tyre features a state-of-the-art asymmetric tread design, which ensures outstanding handling and braking capabilities on both dry and wet surfaces. Its innovative high-grip compound, enriched with nano-composites, delivers remarkable driving stability and precise steering control. The tyre's design includes three wide longitudinal grooves, providing excellent resistance to aquaplaning. The s-shaped sipes are ingeniously crafted to minimise rolling noise, enhancing your driving experience.

The external area of the tyre boasts large, rigid blocks, offering superior support and handling, especially during high-speed driving. This ensures a thrilling yet secure driving experience.

Pirelli P-Zero Tyre Key Features:

  • Three solid longitudinal ribs: These ribs significantly improve braking and traction, even at high speeds, ensuring your safety and performance.
  • Outer shoulder with large rigid blocks: This feature enhances your handling, making it ideal for sports driving.
  • Three wide longitudinal grooves: These grooves increase your safety and control, especially in situations where aquaplaning is a risk.
  • High technology asymmetric contour: This innovative design promotes even tread wear, reduces noise emissions, and improves overall tyre mileage.

Choose the P-Zero for a tyre that combines performance, safety, and longevity, making it the ultimate choice for drivers who demand the best.

At Tyre Bay, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality Pirelli tyres to our valued customers.

To maintain the efficiency and reliability of our delivery service, we can only ship our tyres to commercial addresses. This includes tyre shops, mechanics, and other commercial establishments.

By delivering exclusively to these locations, we ensure that your tyres arrive safely and are handled professionally, guaranteeing the premium service you expect from Tyre Bay. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy, which allows us to continue providing exceptional products and service.

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