Pirelli Tyre 245/45R19 102Y XL CINTURATO ROSSO

Pirelli Tyre 245/45R19 102Y XL CINTURATO ROSSO

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Tyre Size: 245/45R19 - CAR

Style: Cinturato

KG: 102

Speed: Y

Curbing Rib: Yes




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We are a Pirelli-certified supplier, guaranteeing you receive only genuine Pirelli tyres. As one of the world’s leading brands, Pirelli produces tyres built to meet stringent Australian standards.
Pirelli Tyre 245/45R19 102Y XL CINTURATO ROSSO

Pirelli Tyre 245/45R19 102Y XL CINTURATO ROSSO


Pirelli Tyre 245/45R19 102Y XL CINTURATO ROSSO


Introducing the CINTURATO ROSSO: The Latest Innovation from Pirelli's Esteemed Cinturato Line

Elevate your driving experience with the CINTURATO ROSSO, the newest member of Pirelli's renowned Cinturato family. Tailored for drivers prioritising comfort, whether for daily commutes or long-haul journeys, the CINTURATO ROSSO sets a new standard in tyre performance. This tyre is engineered to deliver outstanding mileage and superior grip under both wet and dry conditions, accompanied by reduced noise levels for a more peaceful drive.

Key Advantages of the CINTURATO ROSSO:

  • Exceptional Mileage: Enjoy long-lasting performance and durability, making every journey more efficient.
  • Superior Wet and Dry Grip: Experience enhanced safety and control, no matter the weather, thanks to its advanced compound and tread design.
  • Quiet Driving Experience: The CINTURATO ROSSO is designed to minimise road noise, providing a quieter, more enjoyable ride.
  • Ideal for a Wide Range of Vehicles: Specifically targeting vehicles over 5 years old that lack Pirelli homologation, the CINTURATO ROSSO is the perfect upgrade for drivers seeking the premium touch of Pirelli's technology without the need for specific brand certification.

Why Choose the CINTURATO ROSSO? The CINTURATO ROSSO is more than just a tyre; it's a commitment to enhancing your driving pleasure while maintaining the high standards of safety and performance Pirelli is known for. Its introduction enriches the Cinturato family, offering a solution that meets the needs of modern drivers who demand quality, comfort, and longevity from their tyres.

Opt for the CINTURATO ROSSO and transform your driving experience with a tyre that blends the latest in Pirelli innovation with the practical demands of everyday and long-distance driving. Discover the difference with a tyre designed to accompany you reliably on every journey, ensuring maximum comfort and performance.

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By delivering exclusively to these locations, we ensure that your tyres arrive safely and are handled professionally, guaranteeing the premium service you expect from Tyre Bay. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy, which allows us to continue providing exceptional products and service.

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